“John Bowen from JB Investigations recently handled a family law court child custody matter for us. John was able to conduct lengthy surveillance and get video and photographs for us, pending our Court hearing. John got exactly what we needed. We would highly recommend JB Investigations to anyone. Also John’s rates are very reasonable compared to bigger companies”

Mary P (Surname withheld due to privacy reasons) Belmore


“I had the need to use JB Investigations recently regarding a very complicated and sensitive Family Law matter that was very distressing for our family.  John Bowen from JB Investigations was nothing short of amazing to us in his dealing with me and my family. He was very professional, understanding and got the information we needed without any fuss and I must say at a reasonable cost. We can now proceed with our court matter with great advice from John”

Allison M (Surname withheld by request, Maitland)


“We have just used JB Investigations in a family law matter. John was able to conduct surveillance for us. John got all the evidence that we needed and we have been able to produce that at court in our favour. Thanks very much John for your help”

Sherry A (Surname withheld due to privacy reasons) Campbelltown


“I am very ashamed to say that I was a victim of an overseas dating scam. I should have known better! I rang John Bowen From JB Investigations for some advice. John not only gave me great advice but got right to the bottom of the scam and saved me a hell of a lot of money and further embarrassment. Very professional approach, thank you.”  

Michael W (Surname withheld) Gosford


“I have recently used JB Investigations in a debt recovery matter. John Bowen, the Private Investigator, was very impressive and professional. John got the job done very quickly and very reasonably priced. Thanks for everything, we were very impressed”

Ashlea Cousins, Sheek Graphic Design, Central Coast, NSW.


“My family and I have recently used JB Investigations for a sensitive family matter that involved intimidation and possible stalking from another family member. JB Investigations was able to conduct some hours of surveillance for us and it actually turned out there was enough evidence to give to Police. John Bowen from JB Investigations, being an ex Senior Police officer spoke with Police on our behalf and it is now in their hands. Great work, thanks so much”

Andrew S, Waratah, NSW.


“John Bowen from JB Investigations recently investigated our daughters cheating husband… At last now our daughter believes our suspicions and she has the evidence and photos to leave him and move on with her life, thank God and thanks to John Bowen, he really knows his job and what he is talking about”

​Shirley P. Niagara Park


“We recently used John Bowen from JB Investigations as we had a long term problem with a neighbour harassing us. We needed surveillance to trap her and John Bowen, the Private Detective owner of the business, got all the photos we needed. John forwarded them onto Police and a Court Order was taken out. Very happy with John’s service and would highly recommend him to anyone”

Andrew E. Parramatta


“I have regularly engaged John Bowen from JB Investigations to address matters arising during the course of our business. We have had an association for many many years. With John you know the job will always be done professionally and cost effectively. We never use any other Investigation company”

Martin Reddington – Reddington Security, Wyong


“JB Investigations have just recovered a substantial debt owed to me and my company for a very long time that we had almost given up on. They recovered our money and we can now move on in our business and the enormous financial pressure is now off.

Thank you so much, great job and very professional, …we should have contacted you earlier”

Noel S (Details withheld upon request) Cronulla.


“My company engages John Bowen from JB Investigations on a regular basis during the course of our business. John’s past policing experience and expertise is a great asset and we always have full confidence in all our dealings with him”

Bob Locker – Lockerlaw, The Entrance


“I recently had a strong suspicion that my girlfriend was cheating on me. I engaged JB Investigations to conduct surveillance on her for a week and found out, sadly, that she was cheating. I feel that it was money well spent as the lies could stop and I can move on with my life without her. I can recommend JB Investigations very highly”

Andrew B – Maitland


“I used JB Investigations recently regarding a Police matter where I was assaulted at a Pub and needed more evidence and witnesses interviewed. John Bowen with his Police experience was able to conduct the investigation for me, got statements from witnesses and really helped my case. Thanks a lot, great job”

Peter W (Details withheld) – Hornsby.


“I am writing to thank JB Investigations for a surveillance matter that they handled for my family. Without going into private details JB Investigations conducted the surveillance for us very professionally and they were able to prove that a neighbour was victimising an elderly relative of ours and got all the videos and photos we needed. We were quoted many hundreds of dollars more from another Investigation company I might add.”

Allan P (Details withheld) – Ashfield


“I used JB Investigations in a family matter after being recommended by a friend. John Bowen showed his great knowledge and understanding of our issues and handled everything with ease and we got the exact result we wanted very quickly… I would always use JB Investigations in any other investigations matter”.

Andrew S (Surname withheld by request) Newcastle


“John Bowen from JB Investigations has just completed a harassment matter for my family that almost cost them their marriage and moving house. John was able to get photos and videos that proved what they were saying to the Police and it finally stopped and they can have some peace again after three years. Thank you so very much for you help”

Natalie M (name withheld due to privacy reasons) Sylvania Waters.


“John Bowen and his company, JB Investigations, have just helped my family with a Centre Link claim that was costing us a fortune.

I can’t go into details due to the nature of the issue BUT I can highly commend JB Investigations. The investigation and surveillance was handled for us very very capably. We got the result we were hoping for and the cost was very reasonable. We did initially use another Investigation company but were ripped off and they got no result at all. Thanks again to JB Investigations”

Allan T (Surname withheld) Tamworth.



“Thank you to JB Investigations for recently conducting surveillance on a family members ex that was harassing her. John Bowen

got the video evidence that we needed and now we can prove what we were suspecting all along, a very professional job”

Alicia P (Name withheld due to privacy reasons) Berkeley Vale NSW.


“We have used JB Investigations in a company matter and will use him every time, if needed. John Bowen is obviously experienced and very professional in how he does the job and liaises with people. You can tell straight away he just knows what to do and how to do it. Thank you John!”

Nathan Cousins – Cousins Cabinets, Central Coast


“JB Investigations have just completed a job for us which was a child custody matter. John Bowen got a lot of great evidence for us and was very professional and he did not charge us a fortune. I got another quote first and it was over double what JB Investigations charged. I was very surprised and impressed”

Allison W. Bowral, Southern Highlands.


“I have just used JB Investigations again for a company matter. Thanks again John for your help. I was again impressed with the way you understood what needed to be done and just did it… I thought our matter was very involved but John got to the bottom of it very quickly and problem solved, great work”.

Des and Wendy James – “Aclena” Cleaning Contractors, Thornton, NSW.


“Thanks to John Bowen from JB Investigations in completing a recent business enquiry for us. John was very easy to deal with, he is very experienced and competent in what he does and the job was completed very quickly. Thanks for everything.”

Daniel Boyd – Boydys Mechanical, Berkeley Vale, NSW


“I have just used JB Investigations to help me find my step father. John did find him after a pretty long and involved search and some good legwork by him around the countryside. John updated me and gave me the choice of continuing or not, which was great. John is very easy to deal with, you think he is part of the family sometimes, thanks again”.

Michelle V (Surname suppressed due to privacy reasons) Dubbo


“John Bowen from JB Investigations recently handled a traffic matter that I was involved in. John interviewed people at the scene and was able to get more statements from people that were of benefit to my case. I did not get the matter dismissed but got a lesser fine. Thank you”

Andrea R (Name withheld by request) Nelson Bay


“JB Investigations recently helped me after I was charged by Police. I was able to talk to John Bowen and got some great advice that really helped me when I went to Court… John impressed me with his Police knowledge and just knew what to tell me, which was great advice”

Rick M (Name withheld due to privacy reasons.) Goulburn


“JB Investigations investigated a staff member of ours that was off sick for months and I knew that there was nothing wrong with him.

John Bowen was able to get the photos and videos of him actually working somewhere else while he was still claiming sickness benefits from us. I used John’s company because my Insurance company was hopeless, job well done”

Allison K.  (Name withheld)  Coffs Harbour


“I would like to thank and recommend JB Investigations. John Bowen recently helped our family in relation to the custody of my Grandson. John was very understanding and patient with us. John actually went out of his way to help us and get the evidence we needed. I know John did not charge us the full amount he should have and due to our financial problems we really appreciate that.” 

Monica N (Name withheld by request)  Gosford


“JB Investigations recently conducted on investigation for us regarding an internal theft from our company… John Bowen from JB Investigations was just great, his Policing experience was what we needed. John got the evidence for us about the employee and we were then able to sack this person and report the matter to the Police, thanks to John”.

Joan S  (Name withheld due to privacy reasons) Charlestown.


“Thank you to John Bowen of JB Investigations. John conducted surveillance for myself and my husband regarding a divorce and child custody matter that I though there was no answer to. The surveillance that was done has saved us a lot of money and heartache. A very mature and professional approach.”

Brenda H  (Details withheld by request) Parramatta


“I want to really thank JB Investigations for an Investigation that they have just completed. My wife was having an affair and I just had to prove it with photographic evidence to move forward with my life. John Bowen was able to get me a lot of video and photos that could then not be denied…I can now look forward to the future thanks to a very thorough investigation”

Alan B (Name withheld) Lake Macquarie.


“Our thanks John Bowen from JB Investigations. John handled a divorce matter for me that was going to cost me a fortune, so I was told… John was able to get a lot of evidence for me and I was able to present that to my ex’s Solicitor and as a result we settled for a lost less. John has the knowledge of what to do and his hourly rate is very reasonable”.

Bettina N (Name withheld by request)  Chatswood


“JB Investigations recently handled a neighbour dispute for me which was bordering on harassment and stalking…John Bowen from JB Investigations was able to do surveillance on the person and got some really great evidence for me that was very helpful. A very professional job!”

Elenore W (Details withheld due to privacy reasons) Maitland.