The services we provide include: (Private Investigator/Private Detective)

  • Surveillance/Covert/Factual Investigations specialist. Private and Business. We are fully equipped with all the latest hi-tech video/camera and covert surveillance equipment. We can obtain and record the evidence you need. We will also attend and give evidence at Court, if required.


  • Infidelity/Cheating partners checks. We can put your mind and suspicions at rest. Is it the unknown that keeps you awake at night?  Remember, not all investigations reveal bad news, you could be pleasantly surprised, but you need to know!


  • Family, Custody, Alimony, Civil Law and Domestic Violence related matters. We get the true facts and evidence for you in these most emotional and often distressing times. Crucial photographs and video evidence is provided at no additional charge. Court attendance by us if required. We will always work closely with your solicitor if one is engaged.


  • Workers Compensation/Absenteeism Investigations. Are your staff very sick? or genuinely injured? What is it costing you and/or your business? Is your insurance company fulfilling your requirements? Can you afford the rorting any longer


  • Locate Missing persons. It is never too late to search for someone. Do not put your nagging thoughts off any longer.


  • Liability injury claims. Did the person really injure themselves as claimed? Should you or your company be liable?


  • Retail theft /Fraud. What is theft/fraud really costing your company both externally and/or internally? We get the evidence for you to reduce loss and help you increase your profit margin.


  • Bug Sweeping, Video/Surveillance Cameras, Security Alarms and Assessments. Is it worth the risk when you are away from your home or business? We provide the initial assessment, equipment, installation, monitoring and your peace of mind.


  • Skip Tracing, Debt collecting. Money owed is your money! We can get your money back sooner than you may expect. We have access to extensive Data Bases with hundreds of thousands of listings.


  • Criminal/Traffic Accident Investigations, Witness interviewing, Court Attendance and statement taking. I rely on my extensive policing background and experience to address these matters as the Courts require under the Evidence Act.


  • Dating, Betting, Lottery Scamming Investigations. Do not be afraid to report these highly organised frauds before it is too late, both emotionally and financially.

To find out about how JB Investigations, can assist with your investigative issues please contact us today.